CCR Rule Compliance Data and Information


On May 1, 2022 Rainbow Energy Center, LLC. purchased Coal Creek Station from Great River Energy. Below is the notification sent to the Environmental Protection Agency informing them of the sale and the new CCR website location.
Rainbow Energy Center takes its responsibility to protect our communities and natural resources seriously and understands how our operations affect our environment. For over 30 years, Coal Creek Station has found ways to beneficially use fly ash and other byproducts created at the power plant and continues to look at new technologies to beneficiate byproducts. Rainbow Energy Center markets the fly ash created at Coal Creek Station. This fine ash has numerous industrial applications, such as replacing Portland cement in concrete production. Each year, we sell and donate approximately 450,000 tons of fly ash for beneficial use.
Our Rainbow Energy Center CCR facilities are in compliance with the rules that regulate coal ash from power plants. We operate with transparency and integrity and approach business challenges with innovation and continuous improvement. You can access information about the management of our coal combustion residuals on this website.